3 Summer Reads for Highly Organized Construction Project Managers

Most summer books are read lying on a beach or en route to your favorite road trip destination. Our recommendations below aren’t mysteries or romance novels, but they will certainly uplift your life and change how you interact with those around you – owners, general contractors, architects, engineers, financiers, and other key stakeholders.

Let’s face it — the world of construction project management can be stressful. Except for the medical profession, few other industries adhere to such rigorous standards of checking and double-checking work and final products.

These are self-help books for all you high achievers out there. Become a better manager, find your style, and improve your life with your feet in the sand. Happy summer from your friends at VPO!

The-Culture-CodeThe Culture Code
by Daniel Coyle

Coyle’s succinct analysis goes to the heart of what it takes to build a great team: creating a feeling of safety so that everyone can feel comfortable working together, sharing vulnerability in our perfection-based industry, and establishing a path to purpose. Team-building is crucial to your success, and this book helps you establish the culture of your team — from total commitment to budgets, due dates, and deliverables to effective and productive communication styles.

~Laura Nee, President/CEO

by Angela Duckworth

Being the grittiest person in the room is actually better than being the smartest. Psychologist Angela Duckworth examines how the idea of grit (passion and sustained persistence) can not only be applied to your work, but to every aspect of your life. A persistent construction project manager doesn’t only improve his or her professional performance. This trait translates to the overall success of the project.

~Casey Scogins, Construction Technologist


Bullet--journal-methodThe Bullet Journal Method
by Ryder Carroll

Bullet Journaling, or BuJo, was first introduced in 2013. It’s a way to take a mental inventory of the 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts you have every day. This book has helped me prioritize personal goals. It’s very architectural. I’ve found it extremely satisfying to take my coveted pens, ruler, and grid notebook in hand to help me stay accountable to myself. While VPO is the ultimate and easiest to use project management tool to digitally capture, process, and execute the details on projects portfolio-wide, I’ve found that the positive effects of bullet journaling have spilled over into my professional life and even further enhanced my productivity and hopefully yours.

~Daisy Miksch, Client Relations Manager

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