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How to Work from Home with Kids: Our Tips & Tricks

by Daisy Miksch | Apr 15 2020 | Work From Home, #WFH
As we mentioned in our previous post about #wfh, our construction project management software and consulting firm has been an exclusively work-from-home shop for over a decade. What’s different for us right now, speaking only practically, is that there are other people in our workspaces who weren’t ...

Time to Work Smarter: How to Build a Meaningful Construction Schedule That You Can Manage From

While everyone knows that we can’t predict the future, that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to. And when it comes to the construction projects that you’re managing, the ability to foresee unexpected changes and curveballs is crucial.  

How to Make #WFH Work for You: Tips from a Remote Tech Company

by Daisy Miksch | Apr 03 2020 | VPO, Work From Home, #WFH
Everybody on the VPO team works remotely—and that’s how it’s been for over a decade! So as you and your team get your #workfromhome bearings, we offer you our tips and tricks.