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Bowen Collins & Associates, Inc.: Boosting Construction Management Efficiency, Saving Time

Bowen Collins & Associates, Inc. is a Utah- and Idaho-based design, engineering, and construction management firm that provides professional services related to water, wastewater, electrical, environmental, transportation, and general construction projects. Although design and engineering services ...

Construction Project Management Software: How to Choose (Today)

The blending of business and technology enables those functions to more effectively collaborate, innovate, and build new sources of value. Nowhere else is this more evident than in the construction industry. The physical world of construction, with its hardscape of materials and equipment, has ...

Calculating a Date in SharePoint

I need to calculate a date in SharePoint (e.g. adding seven days to a start date in order to get the due date), and if the start date is blank, then the calculated field is showing a date in the 1900s. How can I fix this issue? You need to use the ISBLANK function for this plan to work. Here's an ...