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Laura Nee

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Microsoft Resolving VPO Issue

We've recently been made aware of an issue affecting some VPO users.

Share Live Construction Updates Using a Webcam

Meet Solution Specialist Kelly Rickli

by Laura Nee | Mar 31 2017 | The Simplex Group, VPO

International Women's Day Celebrating Laura Nee

Can you use Microsoft Office 365 for Construction Project Management?

Does your organization use Microsoft Office 365? First, let’s clarify what Office 365 is. Some people think of Office 365 as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook apps. Some people recognize the name because it came with the PC they just bought. Some companies use Office 365 because their IT ...

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by Laura Nee | Jun 23 2016 | VPO

Is your Project Data Safe in the Cloud?

The world is embracing the Cloud for storing documents, information, and managing applications. It seems eerily similar to the technology model we had before when mainframes (servers) were doing all of the processing and sending data to dummy terminals (thin clients). Either way, there are many ...

Are you using Primavera Contract Management? What does the future of it mean to you?

Is Virtual Reality, a “Reality” in the Engineering & Construction Industry?

Is CPM Scheduling Critical in Construction?