Get 'Together Mode'

Whether or not you and your organization return to a physical office, Web meetings are here to stay.

As telecommuting pioneers who gave up our building in 2009, we VPO folks have had a lot of time and opportunities to experience the highs and lows of teleconferencing—and we’re here to tell you that Microsoft’s new Together Mode for Teams really does increase the good feelings, and decrease the fatigue, that can affect online collaboration.

What's the science behind Together Mode? It helps our brains keep track of people and their nonverbal communications in a natural way. According to Microsoft's Jaron Lanier, "People pay attention to each other more and can gain a better sense of a shared stake in the situation and a shared journey."

Plus it's just fun!

“As millions of employees around the world know, Microsoft Teams is already a leading solution for work communications and collaboration. . . [People] are craving tools to help them better connect, plan, coordinate, and share together online.”

Learn more about what's available now, and what's coming soon.

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