New Feature: Global Contact Directory

We have a new feature in VPO called our Global Contact Directory. The Global Contact Directory enables you to centralize your contact list across multiple projects.

Global Directory: A centralized contact list across multiple projects.

Global Directory

You can add contacts at the global level and the project level. If you add a contact at the project level that is not in the Global Contact Directory, it will automatically add them to it.  This will save our user’s time from entering contact information for each project especially when you work with the same contacts on multiple projects. 

Project Directory: Click on “new item” to add a contact to the global level and the project level

Project Directory

Select the users you would like to add to the Project Directory.Select contacts for project


Click “Add Selected Contacts” in the ribbon and confirm that you would like to add the selected contact(s) to your project.

This site says... Selected Contacts


The user is now added to your project directory:

Project Directory New Item or Edit

Also, if you’re adding a contact that is an internal user, we can pull their contact information from their user account information. Please note for this to work, you must populate the user account information within Office 365.

Global Directory: Click on “new item” to add a new user.

Select Contacts for Project


Search for an internal user by typing part of their name in the “Internal Contact” field.

Global Directory Result


The Internal Contact Information is auto populated from the Office 365 account information.

Global Directory

Once a contact is added at the project level, you define their permissions. So if you have a contact that is working on different projects requiring different security permissions, that’s fine. We can also have custom contact fields at the project level.  

Define a contact’s security permissions at the project level.

Project Directory Editing

We will implement this feature on new projects. We will not be adding it to existing projects unless you request it. We will cover this new feature in future training sessions. 

If you have a contact list to be uploaded as a starting point, we can consider importing it if it meets our import criteria. Otherwise the list will be populated organically as people start adding contacts to projects. We often recommend that anyway. 

We hope that you enjoy this new feature and would appreciate any feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please let contact Beth Anderson, Customer Success Manager, at 

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