How to Manage the Bid Process is Easy as 1,2,3…

The Bidding/RFQ module within VPO was created to make everything easier when creating and managing bids.  Imagine having a system that creates a secure area for your outside contractors to not only to view your bid packages, but also, a separate secure area, just for them, to upload their bids safely, without needing to get IT involved, or mess with external products such as Dropbox.  With VPO, we also have reminders built in to make sure your bidders have every opportunity to upload their bid.  This article will describe just how simple it is to setup a new bid for your project/organization.

1. Create the bid

Your company can create a secure bid package area (for download AND upload), simply by filling out the form below in our RFQs (Request for Quotes) module within VPO:


By filling out some simple information, shown above, VPO has what it needs to create a secure area for you to upload your bid package documents AND create a NEW secured library just for your bid upload documents.  Once you’ve saved the information, you can easily see and access these locations for both bid packages and bid uploads as highlighted below.


2. Add and Invite Recipients

The next part of the bid process is to add and invite the recipients to respond to the bid.  Adding recipients via the “Recipients” tab within the RFQ is very similar to the common process of adding a user to a new project.   When choosing recipients of a bid, you will be redirected to the Global Directory where you can choose as many recipients as you like.  Once selected, you can choose the “Email Recipient” button to send the user(s) a “New Invite”.  You can repeat this process as many times as necessary adding recipients over time.  


The bidders will receive an invitation, via email, requesting a response of Yes or No, as to whether they Intend to Quote.  This invitation will contain all the pertinent information about the bid including the Contact Person, Pre-Bid Meeting information and a link to view the secure bid package.   The invitation itself, as with any other email correspondence sent by the system, will be branded with your logo, as shown below.


Once a user responds “Yes” they would like to bid, they are sent another email that confirms their response and sends them a secured link to upload their bid documents on the due date.  Only you and their company will have access to this area for uploading. 

Throughout the bid process, you may need to send addenda, or want to provide Q&A’s related to the bid itself, you can do this via the RFQs module as well. All data related to the bid and its recipients is tracked, including the response of the recipients and all correspondence with those recipients (i.e. invite, addenda, Q&A).

3. Collect the Bids

As bid day approaches, the bidders will be sent an email 3 days prior, reminding them of the upcoming due date and the instructions/links to upload their bid.  Once the due date and time arrives, VPO will automatically shut off contributing access to your bidders, making it easier for you to provide a fair bidding process.  You can then view the upload folders for each company and complete your bid process.

VPO allows you to have as many bids on a project as you need and there is no limit to the number of recipients you can add.  Please contact us today to find out how we can provide you with VPO’s RFQ Module, streamlining your entire bidding process.

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