Integration Between Lync and Outlook in Microsoft Office 365

Is Lync connected with Outlook in some way? Contributor Kimberly Weprich, Simplex Implementation Consultant and Trainer, shares her insight.

Yes, the Lync tool of Microsoft Office 365 is directly integrated with Outlook, creating an efficient communication solution for all users. 

Lync pulls information from each user’s calendar, and details whether the user is available, busy, out of the office, or offline. By just looking at the Presence feature, a user can determine the best method for making contact. This tool puts a stop to waiting for e-mail responses and return phone calls, and even to making countless trips down the hall to try and connect with another colleague or customer.

Additionally, Lync will detail where any user in your group is currently located. This is particularly helpful if users are mobile, or work from a virtual office. Users simply need to enter their location (Home Office, Coffee Shop, etc.) in the Location field once, and each time the user returns to that location Lync will automatically update the location by recognizing the network connection.

Lync Presence and Location are found in the “Me” section of the Lync toolbar.


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