Meet Jeremy Smith

by Laura Nee | Aug 11 2020 | VPO

We’re thrilled to introduce a new member of the VPO team. A multi-disciplinary consultant with over 20 years of professional experience designing and implementing technology and data solutions, Jeremy advises the VPO team on topics as diverse as leveraging lean/agile methods like Kanban to prioritize and oversee product-development initiatives, how to define and execute proof-of-technology or -concept exercises to inform our VPO product architecture and roadmap, and SaaS pricing models for subscriptions and services.

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Jeremy’s expertise is a complementary fusion of data-driven design and decision making powered by hands-on BI/analytics work; product and service design and strategy; defining, implementing, and assessing technical solutions; project and program management; and development of leadership and talent. 

He confidently navigates the ambiguity and risk of new ventures, strategies, systems, and environments. In his advisory role with the VPO team, Jeremy consults throughout project, product, and problem lifecycles—getting people and things to work together.

An enthusiastic facilitator and educator, Jeremy also serves as a part-time adjunct instructor and faculty advisor at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, PA.

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