New Logo for VPO

Exciting news! For years we've been known as VPO while still using our original company name of The Simplex Group, Inc. But now we've made it official: we're VPO! And to celebrate this identity update, we've created a new logo.

VPO_Email Header

Our design illustrates VPO's role in connecting the disparate, centralizing the scattered, securing the unprotected, organizing the chaotic, simplifying the complex, streamlining the cumbersome, optimizing the inefficient, standardizing the inconsistent, facilitating the laborious, and vanquishing the vexing—together as a team.

VPO employees, clients, and users come together and work as partners so they can turn the corner and reach project completion with success and satisfaction.

The VPO image captures how our customers' construction project teams build better, together.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be updating our external and internal communications with our new branding—and that includes each client's VPO site. We hope you'll enjoy your new look!

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