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by Laura Nee | Jun 23 2016 | VPO

VPO Training on YouTubeWe're excited to announce the launch of our VPO Construction Project Management Software Channel on YouTube. This channel will allow us to share valuable resources for companies interested in or using VPO.

Check out our training videos covering subjects like:

RFI Management: Learn how to add and approve Requests for Information in VPO.
Submittal Management Mobile: Learn how to add and approve Submittal items on your project in the VPO mobile app.
Overview of VPO: Learn about the capabilities of VPO. This lesson is an introduction to VPO. You will learn about the contents on the Home Page of a project and how to navigate in VPO. It will show you how to work with logs like RFIs and Submittals, and shows you how to work with document libraries like Drawings. Also, it reviews the Print and Search functionality within VPO.

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