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A key success factor at the beginning of any construction project, managing bids can be a rigorous and frustrating process, and a challenge for even the most organized construction project owner. Regardless of your project’s scale, finding the right bidders plays an important part in determining the project’s overall health and lifecycle. If there’s any confusion to the process, —it can cause stress, and cost you time and money.

With such high stakes, it’s vital to reevaluate your bid management process and technology periodically. As complicated as bidding and RFQ management can be, the best strategy for managing your bidders and their bids more effectively can be summarized quite simply: Streamline your processes and software.

Start with efficient and user-friendly software that serves your goals. You need to know exactly who your bidders are--and that they’re qualified for your project—and you need their contact information in one, central repository with email integration. Important documentation must be easily and securely accessible, and you need a helpful FAQ section.

VPO’s RFQ module makes everything about soliciting and managing proposal documents easier, and sets up our customers for success. Imagine having a system that creates a secure area where your outside vendors, contractors, and suppliers can not only view your bid packages; but also houses a separate area, just for them, where they can upload their bids safely, without needing to get IT involved or mess with external products such as Dropbox. VPO also has reminders built in to make sure that your bidders have every opportunity to upload their bid on time.

In this webinar, we showcase just how simple it is to set up a new bid in VPO.