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Customizable. Proven. Secure.

As proud members of Construction Management Association of America, we invite you to speak with us about how VPO can complement your expertise to keep you connected, give you better visibility, and save you time and money.

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Increase Efficiency. Improve Your Client Experience.

VPO is a software-and-services solution engineered specifically for construction managers--and customizable for your team. Make every part of your work simpler, faster, and more effective.

✔️ Flexible to support your unique projects
✔️ Built on SharePoint, and powered by 37+ years of project management expertise
✔️ Secure and easy to use, in Microsoft 365



A Friendly Interface
for You & Your Clients

Invite everyone in your workflow to use VPO—clients, partners, your team on the ground. They'll get training, support, and administration, all via Microsoft 365.


Your Entire Portfolio
Anytime, Anywhere

Check RFIs, change orders, submittals, documents and more, whether you're at the office or on the job site. VPO is available on any device, 24/7/365. 


Easy-to-Read Dashboards
& Project Center

Never question the status of a project or task again. VPO provides easily accessible and actionable reports and dashboards to keep you ahead of the game.

As our construction management business continued to grow—and we had more projects to manage concurrently—we began looking for a better, more organized, single-platform solution. While all of the vendors could handle the basics of processing submittals and change orders, we wanted a solution that was more customizable. With VPO, we’ve streamlined our workflows, improved communications with clients and contractors, and have realized an effective quality control function in the process.

Brian Mecham, S.E.
Construction Management Lead, Bowen Collins & Associates, Inc.

With VPO, SIMPLUS [since acquired by Anser Advisory] is more productive. We do more with less people, take on more work, and make more money. It’s also been a tool that our clients have embraced, making them more productive. VPO is so easy to use and implement that we’ve found that we don’t need to add additional staff on larger projects. VPO helps reduce that need, adds value, and makes us more competitive. We’re doing much more with less people, resulting in higher revenue.

Paul Buckley, P.E.
Managing Director, Anser Advisory


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Work in a Single, Easy-to-Use Platform

VPO enables all project participants to use one system to manage the entire life of the project.


Add Value with Customization

Work with a partner who understands that software should support your processes, not the other way around.


Access Anywhere, Anytime

With VPO you will have access to the online environment of your projects any time, from virtually anywhere.


Reduce Project Costs

Digital documents, simple administration, and streamlined communication through VPO will save you time and money. 


Cloud Security in a Trusted & Familiar Interface

With a Microsoft 365 Cloud-based solution, there is no additional hardware, or expensive perpetual software license, that you need to buy up front.



Access Actionable Reports & Dashboards

Access data--from project-specific information to interactive dashboard reports--allowing your audience to get the details that matter to them.




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